Conan The Barbarian #8 Impressions

Conan the Barbarian #8

Comic Author: Jim Zub Interior Artists: Doug Braithwaite, Diego Rodriguez, Rich Starkings Cover Artist: Ashleigh Izienicki Editor: Chris Butera Consulting Editor: Matt Murray

**Disclaimer: I received a Digital Review Copy**


Jim Zub is incorporating his trademark writing style to make the story exciting, building upon a familiar concept. He excels at scripting the possession of Conan's body by the recently freed spirits. Readers can see the extent of the spirits' influence on Conan through their dominance in the dialogue. Not only through dialogue, but Jim Zub ratchets the progression full throttle in some of the bloodiest and rad grandiose entrances. 

With the help of the comics flow, every beat hits hard and holds readers' attention, preventing any loss of interest. Every panel in this issue is used effectively. Conan's action scenes are perfectly placed and sprinkled throughout the story. Not bombarding the issue with page after page of brutality, allowed the emotional parts to ring home and give the issue's conclusion a mind boggling finish.


With a throwback vibe, the art respects vintage comics while capturing the author's energetic style. Doug Braithwaite's focus on detail and linework is nothing short of astounding. Diego Rodriguez's color art evokes strong emotions, whether it's through bloodshed or heavenly scenes. This journey crafted by the creative team is so engaging that readers will find it difficult to not be fully immersed.

Conan the Barbarian #8 is on sale now digitally and physically!

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